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About us

Our Vision & Mission

We aspire to be a leading pathology laboratory, providing comprehensive diagnostic services and furnishing accurate & precise results in a timely manner and at low costs.

Building Trust

We never forget that patient depends on the results we provide. To maintain the trust of patients and doctors, we strive to achieve highest standards of quality at our lab. Everything we do focuses on taking care of the patients and doctors who trust us.

Work Ethic

Dedicated to comprehensive, high-quality and rapid-response laboratory testing at affordable prices, we use advanced technologies to provide information that is critical to the diagnosis and treatment of all diseases. We provide screening, diagnosis and prognosis testing services to physicians, nursing homes, companies and various institutions in Jaipur.


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Mr. Simant Goyal


We stand by our track record

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Our Strengths

1. Quality - When instruments of signature Global brands and best of the technologies, reagents, procedures, systems, IT infrastructure are made available to well trained and highly focused pathologists, biochemists, scientists and technologists, the outcome is "Best Quality, reliable and accurate results". The endeavour of Apex has always been that to provide utmost quality in every stage of service – right from collection of sample to processing to delivery of reports. Our systems, processes, man-power and IT ensure the highest level of perfection and timely efficacy in each delivery. 

2. System - Information Technology, when used ideally to integrate men, machines and methods, delivers secured, assured, reliable and reproducible solutions even in Diagnostic industry. Analyzers, web-servers and barcodes when integrated, give a system that is empowered, controlled and monitored end to end.

3. Reach - With more and more brands using us as their cost-effective backend laboratory, our presence hopes to grow in more cities. Apex today boasts of processing almost 20,000 investigations in a month, catering to more than thousands of people across the city of Jaipur.

4. Cost - Working on Value makes a lot of sense when the operations are B2C. However when the focus is B2B, volume makes a great sense. Hence, Apex has been working on cost of retail reagents for its services. A fully optimized, highly efficient, seamless automation has ensured men, material and machines delivering highest level of quality services at unbelievably affordable costs.

5. Speed - Laboratory functions 24X7. Refrigerated logistics function 24 X 7 and 95% of the business is van driven. Barcoded, Bi-directionally interfaced and web server solutions enhance the speed and allow test results to be updated timely.

6. Focus - Our focus is to facilitate and standardize quality and cost of laboratory services across the world. By helping laboratories to outsource numerical pathology tests (clinical chemistry), the quality of services are ensured by a 3 tier ERP. Since the costs make economical sense for laboratories which lack volumes, this unique B2B focus helps the industry. Logically, we focus more on preventive care than sick care.

Our core strengths

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